• Person: you don't look gay
  • Me: yeah sorry I forgot my flannel, rainbow flag and strap on at home.

» Guys I have another prayer request


My youth minister is a foster parent for a little boy (I feel like he’s 2 but idk) and some other kids. The boy’s name is Yeshua. When Yeshua was 18 months old he was perfectly healthy. For some reason, someone decided to leave him in the car alone for a few…


but but if mcr wins for most dedicated fans who’s gonna accept it


Leaving the gym in NYC 7/21/14 (x)

REDESIGNEDTaylor Swift KEDS Be Brave Champaign


when u dislike a song on an 8tracks but u dont dislike it enough 2 waste a skip on it so u just gotta suffer thru